Swing Philosophy

Golfers have always had a desire to learn how to swing a club more effectively. That desire led many to study the science behind making a swing. For years golf instructors and golf enthusiasts have enlisted engineers, college professors, scientists, psychologists, and most recently bio mechanists to explore the game of golf.

“You would think the smartest men on the planet could tell us how to swing a golf club effectively, but you would be wrong. There remain today many philosophies of how to improve golfers.”

Twenty years ago, we stated that our goal is to train our students to use the right muscles and to use them in the correct sequence. One of our tag lines was “from the ground up, from the inside to the outside, and from the large muscles to the small.” With the advent of 3D imaging and biomechanics experts, we are starting to hear about kinetic sequencing. Kinetic sequencing will help the golf world understand that there is a most efficient way to swing a golf club and that timing is something that should be eliminated from your golf swing. Perfect sequence should be the goal.

Training Philosophy

Boxers, Karate experts, and baseball pitchers all know that power comes from your connection to the ground and requires a transfer of energy through the body to the target. Why would golf be any different? Our circuit has been developed to help you swing with perfect kinetic sequence. The great thing about our program? It’s easy. You’ll find when you learn to swing with kinetic sequence you can swing with balance in an efficient and powerful manner.

For years, golf instructors have taught their students the same old fundamentals for swinging.

  • Grip
  • Stance
  • Posture
  • Aim

Students are then left with their own interpretation of how to move the club in order to get a small ball airborne from the ground. Most often, they use the wrong muscles in the wrong sequence producing disastrous results!
At The Swing Factory, we believe teaching the fundamentals of human motion should occur before introducing grip, stance, posture and aim. We developed a simple circuit to train students how to use the right muscles in the right sequence for an efficient swing and positive results.

Just like Miyagi (Movie – Karate Kid, 1984) used sanding decks, painting fences, and waxing cars to train his student Daniel the proper motion for Karate, we use medicine balls, beach balls, rubber bands, and tee-ball to train initially without ball or club. The results speak for themselves. Our students have fluid, efficient and powerful swings!

Core Training

Core training has been the new “catch” word used by health clubs, fitness centers, and personal trainers for the past five years or more. Athletes in all sports now know that they must strengthen and train their core to excel in sports. Watching a good golfer swing is like watching a merry-go-round. It is easy to notice the horses on the outside flying around and around but not even notice the driveshaft in the center responsible for driving the motion. When watching great golfers swing, we only see the arms and club flying around and around to smash the ball. The torso or core heeds little attention, but again is responsible for driving the motion.

With proper training, we can show you how to move your core and use the muscles in sequence for straighter and more powerful shots. Once your core has been trained and strengthened, we can improve the motion of the arms, hands, and club.

Peterson Putting Technique & Philosophy (PPTP)

Just like a full golf swing that hits long and straight golf shots, putting requires a repeating motion to send the ball on the right line to the target.

The Peterson Putting Technique & Philosophy (PPTP) can help you achieve this repeating motion that will give you confidence to hole short and long putts when you need to!

Watch these videos to learn the basics of putting, and sign up for a membership program to learn more about Don’s 2 axis system for putting.